5 Best Company Holiday Party Ideas


Can you believe it’s December?! A whole year’s worth of work has gone by. Surely, as an office, company, and individual, you’ve had to deal with a lot during 2013. With the holidays here, many of us are looking forward to a few weeks off and spending time with family. However, don’t forget, it’s important to celebrate with those who got you through your days at work this year. The time has come for the holiday office party!
In recent years, the presence of office parties briefly dropped as a result of the recent recession. However, studies show that office holiday parties are making a comeback! There are several importances of the company holiday party. Company parties are not only a good way to celebrate, but they also increase office morale and friendships.

holiday partyThe best way to ensure a successful company party is to get everyone involved in the planning process. Why not have those who are attending decide how they want the party to go? While your office knows best what they want, here are our personal 5 best company holiday party ideas.

1. Create a month-long holiday environment

Don’t limit your company’s holiday season to a 2 hour party. Celebrate the whole month of December! Have office challenges, such as who can decorate their desk or door the best. Take a day to have your employees decorate or a go on a company field trip to pick out an office Christmas tree. All the holiday hype leading up to your party will make your employees even more excited!

2. Make the food exciting

The “everyone bring something to share” holiday party is done and gone. Let’s face it, we all show up with either chips or cookies and those get old real fast. Fun options for food include a make your own taco or pasta bar, with decorate your own gingerbread cookie stations for dessert. A contest for the best decorated gingerbread man will show you just how creative all of you co-workers can get!

3. Give back

The holidays are the season for giving. As an office, team with up an organization or fundraiser to work with throughout the holidays. Collect money, donate gifts, or have an office trip to visit the organization. At your office party, have a silent auction or raffle to continue to raise money. Silent raffle and auction prizes can range from nice gift certificates to gag gifts. It’s all in the spirit of giving, so no matter what you decide to auction off, it’s for a good cause!

4. Celebrity appearances

Nothing makes a party more exciting than celebrity appearances! Or an appearance from Santa. Of course, it might be difficult to get the real people, but don’t let that stop you. Time to dress up and use your resources! Have your boss dress up as Santa Claus or as a celebrity relevant to your theme. Maybe they have an impression they are really good at! Employees love to see their boss make fool of themselves.

5. Variety of entertainment

No party is complete without entertainment! Having a band or DJ at your party not only brings to life some favorite holiday tunes, but keeps the guests interactive as well. Emcees are able to start different dances or even pull some of your favorite co-workers up on stage to sing karaoke. An entertainment company truly brings your holiday party to life!

At Wiley Entertainment, we believe having a band or DJ at your holiday party is invaluable. We would love to be a part of your company’s holiday tradition this year. Contact us today with any questions regarding your holiday party or for a free consultation. We wish you and your company a happy holidays!