5 Wedding Dances to Keep Your Guests Entertained


wedding-dancesWhen selecting your wedding music, it’s important that you choose music that fits your taste, and also entertains the crowd. Aside from choosing the right music, proper lighting, choreographed dance moves, and high energy entertainment will entertain your guests and make your wedding a night to remember. Here are a few wedding dances that will keep your guests entertained and smiling.

First Dance

For your first dance, choose a meaningful song but try for something that is not overdone. Songs like Andy Grigg’s “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely,” or Michael Buble’s “Everything,” are romantic but not heard at every other wedding reception. Invest in some private dancing lessons so that the instructor will not only teach you the basics but can assist you in choreographing a fun routine with some spins and dips that will amaze your family. With the lights dimmed, it’ll be a memorable and romantic number.

Bridal Party Dance

If your bridal party is made up of your close friends and you like to perform, think about choreographing a dance to a fun song. One of the latest crazes, the Bridal Party Wedding Wobble, where you perform a line dance to V.I.C. Source’s “Wobble” is a fun source of entertainment for both the bridal party and the guests watching. Other options could include: “Sexy & I Know It” by LMFAO, “Bust a Move,” by Young MC, “Super Freak,” by Rick James, or any other song you and your audience will get a kick out of. As the guests watch you all dance and shake to the beat, they’re sure to be entertained.

Mother/Son Dance

Many mother and son duos choose traditional hits like Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable,” and take a spin around the room. If want to wow your guests, you could choreograph your own entertaining routine, like the mother and son in this infamous wedding video. It included moves to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” as just one in a medley of hits. Who says mom and son dances have to be boring?

Father/Daughter Dance

This is often one of the most sentimental wedding dances of the evening, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to slow dances. Put your own spin on this traditional wedding dance by speeding up the pace a bit. Pick a fun song like “Little White Church,” by Little Big Town, to dance around to. Your wedding guests will love the change of pace and it will be a fun and memorable father-daughter moment.

Anniversary Dance

Doing one of these wedding dances is a great way to get your guests involved, and it honors the couples who have been together the longest. In increments, generally 5 or 10 years, couples leave the dance floor until there’s only a few who have been married 50 or 60 years. You can choose to award the winning couple your bridal bouquet or a table centerpiece so they have beautiful flowers to enjoy. Romantic songs like “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green, or “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis, work well for this kind of dance.

Remember the importance of entertaining your guests while incorporating your own tastes on your wedding day. For any inquires or to see us live before you book your band or DJ, contact, the best South Florida wedding band, Wiley Entertainment. We’d love to be a part of your day.

Photo Courtesy of Luminaire Foto.