Best Music Ideas for a Corporate Event


Planning a corporate event can be a lot of pressure, but picking the right music doesn’t have to be. You can create an ideal corporate event with the right amount of planning. If you want to make your corporate event stand out, put these music ideas for a corporate event to use.

Accept requests– There’s nothing worse than going to a party and hearing all of the music you hate, so don’t make your corporate event guests suffer the same fate. You might think that you have a good idea of what your event-goers want to hear, but you don’t really know. The easiest way to fix this problem, and make sure everyone hears songs they enjoy, is to accept requests.

You can handle this a few ways. If you want to put together a general playlist for your musicians before your event, you can ask guests to suggest a song or two on their RSVPs. If your event is a little more flexible than that, and if your musicians allow, then let your guests know they can make requests on the spot. If you do end up taking this second route and there are songs you absolutely don’t want played at the event, make sure your musicians know ahead of time. That way, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Specific songs don’t have to be requested. Many people don’t know names of songs, but they know if they like Motown or disco or modern pop. if a majority of attendees likes a certain style, that can help a DJ or band with selections.

wileyoct2Make your music interactive- You might be able to get away with hooking your iPod up to some speakers at an intimate family get together, but when you’re hosting a corporate event you need to make your music more interesting and interactive than that.

There are multiple benefits to booking a live band or DJ for your event, provided you hire experienced entertainers. If you find the right ones, they should be able to evade dull moments by gauging the crowd’s reactions to songs and then making the appropriate musical adjustments. Your performers should also be energetic and friendly, so they can keep the crowd entertained. You can’t create that kind of experience from an iPod docking station. Professional bands and DJs can mix songs together, so that there are never pauses or moments of silence. Simply doing this can take a dance floor from a 7 to an 10.

Match music and theme- If you’re having a themed event, your music makes a huge difference. The right music can bring your theme to life, whereas the wrong music can leave attendees feeling thoroughly confused as to what exactly they just walked into. Once you’ve found the right DJ or live band, you should tell them about your theme and get their input on the best songs for bringing that theme to life. The music doesn’t have to fit the theme all night (that would be tricky), but having the music fit the theme as guests walk it for ten to fifteen minutes could have a great impact.

If you need to find an experienced DJ or live band to make your next corporate event a success, contact Wiley Entertainment today! We have high energy, experienced performers who know what it takes to make your event shine.