As early as elementary school, Clint Wiley knew he wanted to be in entertainment. By age nine, he was winning talent contests for guitar and singing in the Beethoven Boys Choir. At age fifteen, Clint was playing to hundreds of people weekly in a rock band, and yes, his mom had to drive him to rehearsals and shows.

In high school and college, his time was separated between musical projects and stand up comedy. He focused all his attention studying the greatest entertainers of all time and creating the best entertainment experience possible. Clint’s first tour was at the age of 21, and he decided at that time to focus on a full time career in entertainment. Clint formed None Other and began searching for the proverbial ‘record deal’. The band recorded three albums and played all over the country, including Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, and New England.

After performing original and cover music in bars and clubs for a few years, Clint decided to focus on something bigger: creating the ultimate private event experience. Clint thought that the cheesy ‘Adam Sandler/Wedding Singer’ was all too common at private and corporate events. Why couldn’t there be a band that offered the same quality and experience of a national act? National acts are very pricey and typically only have a hand full of songs people know. There was a need for a top quality band that played non-stop hits and created an experience like none other.

For the next few years, Clint put together top musicians from around the country. He invested in top sound, lighting and touring equipment, and spent hundreds of hours in rehearsals. While some bands focus on certain genres, Clint wanted to bring all the top dance styles without sacrificing quality. When many bands used ‘fill-in’ musicians and part-time players, Clint wanted to form a real band of full time musicians that were focused on making one band the best it can be. While many bands played lap top ‘karaoke’ tracks, Clint wanted to be real and live.
Clint brought the same philosophy when he formed Stereophonic DJs. There were either ‘club’ DJs or ‘awkward’ wedding DJs that didn’t understand the dynamics that go into a successful private event.

In less than a decade, Clint Wiley has put together an entertainment experience that’s touching lives every single week of the year. With over 2,000 events and counting, he looks forward to raising the bar continually.