Corporate Party: Tips for Planning a Spring Barbecue


When planning a spring barbecue as your corporate party, there’s a lot to consider. Of course there’s the food selection, the seating arrangements and the tent in case of rain but what about the entertainment? Your barbecue wouldn’t be much of a party without some good music. The right entertainment selection will add that extra bit of spice to a spring time corporate barbecue. Here are some tips to finding the best entertainment and making your corporate party a success.

Finding a venue

If you’re planning a corporate barbecue for a medium to large size company, music will be a must. Those charged with planning the event should rent out a large enough venue to accommodate all of the party goers. Some parks will have pavilions for seating, as well as stages for entertainers. Make sure whichever space you choose has ample space for the live band or DJ you invite to perform.

Making good music choices

Think of how flat and dull a spring time corporate barbecue would be if there was merely a food table and conversation. People will be more willing to open up and have some fun if there’s live music. The barbecue should start out with some spring and summer theme music to provide a lively, carefree context and sense of ambiance. “Pink Houses” by John Cougar, “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Chicken Fried’ By the Zac Brown Band all make for relaxing, barbecue friendly selections.

After the first few songs set the tone of the event, the DJ or live band can open up for requests from the barbecue goers. It makes the outing much more unique and memorable if the barbecue goers are allowed to make some music suggestions.

Be sure to reach out to the musicians before the event to see if they are comfortable taking requests from guests. Perhaps a company wide e-mail can be circulated before the event, asking employees for any specific music requests that would help liven up the event. This allows the musicians to properly prepare themselves for the event and keep the majority of attendees satisfied.

Band or DJ?

Both bands and DJs can make a corporate barbecue come to life. Choosing between the two depends on your specific party. If you have a large guest list, a live band will help create fun and exciting energy. If you want the crowd to be able to make quite a few song requests, a DJ may be your better option. This may also be the route to go if you’re somewhat unfamiliar with the crowd you’re planning the corporate barbecue for. If the music you’ve planned isn’t working out too well, the DJ will have a library of other songs on hand to pull from.

Experienced live bands can make these adjustments as well, but you should ask to see a list of the songs they can perform before you book them. If they list a large range and variety of music selections, they can be a great choice for your entertainment. Steer clear of bands that focus on one style. A blues or funk band can get pretty monotonous after an hour or two.

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