Corporate Party: Tips for Your Halloween Playlist


Fall is officially here! The leaves are changing colors as you switch out your shorts and tank tops for jeans and sweatshirts. It’s time for football season and pumpkin flavored everything. Not to mention the ultimate event of fall coming up: Halloween! Whether thinking of your own costume or endlessly laboring to get your kids costume better than the rest, Halloween can get pretty crazy planning wise. Not to mention getting ready for your company’s Halloween party.

You want your company’s Halloween party to truly be the event of the season. You’ve worked hard on getting spooky decorations and the witches brew hunch punch is a go! Although these are important priorities, you can’t forget about picking out the perfect music. Picking music for a Halloween party can be tricky. You don’t want it to be too cheesey, however, you don’t want to steer completely clear of spooky tunes. When planning your corporate party, here are a few tips for your Halloween playlist.

Spooky, but not too spooky

This is a Halloween party. Halloween by nature is spooky. Ghosts and skeletons are frightening! You want to have a spooky atmosphere, but you don’t want your guests creeped out all night. Music that sounds like you should be listening to it while walking through a graveyard is great occasionally, but is going to kill the buzz if it is the only thing played the whole evening. Endless werewolf howls are not a good thing.
Think about costumes

Wiley GatsbyWhat are going to be the costume crazes this year? Have there been any influential movies that have come out in the past year that will inspire people to dress up? How about celebrities that may have made not so great of a name for themselves? Think about your own costume. What song would you want to hear while in YOUR costume? Relating your playlist to what people will be dressing up as not only will give you more music variety, but also give you the chance for games and activities. Chances are if something was popular in the past year, someone will reflect it in their costume. Pick songs that line up with current events!

What do people want to hear?

There are a few songs that everyone expects to hear at Halloween parties. While you want your party to be different from the rest, you can’t ignore the fact that these need to be played. Your playlist should be unique, but it would be truly lacking without these holiday favorites.

  • “Thriller” – Michael Jackson. This song is almost synonymous with Halloween. Everyone knows the dance moves done by the king of pop. The song is eerie enough without being too creepy while keeping a good beat.
  • “Monster Mash” – Bobby Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers. This catchy upbeat song gets everyone’s hips shaking. It’s a classic Halloween favorite.
  • “Time Warp” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right. This Halloween cult classic tells your dance floor exactly what to do.
  • “I Put a Spell on You” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. This song completes any Halloween playlist. Hawkins creepy yet humorous tone adds some playfulness to your evening.

It’s alright to play pop music

Yes this is a Halloween party, but as we know, any genre of music can get boring when it is the only thing played. Think about current hits or classics. Is there a song everyone in your company loves? Straying away from Halloween music for a time keeps the party fresh, and when you do come back to Halloween music, makes it even more impactful.

A good Halloween playlist makes a party. Use these tips when developing the music your guests will enjoy this year. As always, contact Wiley Entertainment with any questions about how to choose the perfect Halloween music for your corporate party.