Find Quality Music For Your Company Event Without Breaking Budget


Your company is planning an event and you’re in charge of booking the entertainment. You have to stick to the budget but know it’s important to have quality music otherwise the event will be a flop. There are many reasons to hire an entertainment company for your corporate event but it’s hard to find quality music entertainment without breaking your budget. Look over the tips below to help limit your entertainment costs so you can afford the DJ or band you need!

1. Limit your vendors

Instead of booking multiple groups your companys’ event music, select a group with some versatility. Your band or DJ should have a large repertoire of music that spans many genres. You may think funk music will go over really well with your crowd but don’t just hire a disco band, hire a group that can play disco but can also pepper in some other genres so your guests don’t get bored of hearing the same style music

Another way to avoid breaking your music budget is to hire an entertainment company that has their own equipment. A good, professional band or DJ should have state-of-the-art lighting equipment for the stage and an excellent sound system. The equipment should be included in the price and will help save you money because you won’t have to rent it yourself.

1240384_214731248651040_1453110781_n2. Book early

The earlier you book your entertainment, the better. The rules of supply and demand apply to talent too, so entertainment companies reserve the right to adjust the price they quote you before you officially book them. Another reason to book a company as soon as you find the right one for your corporate event is so that others can’t hire them for the same time you need them. If your chosen entertainment becomes unavailable then you’re left with limited time to find a replacement and you may go over budget out of necessity or be forced to choose mediocre entertainment.

3. Negotiate

  • Ask about discounts. Not all companies will offer one but it never hurts to ask. Some things that you may be able to get a price break on are if you pay upfront, use cash instead of credit or a put down a higher deposit. There is a bit of risk involved with paying in full upfront so make sure you trust the company and that it’s worth the discount.
  • Reduce the number of musicians. If the rate doesn’t fit your budgetary constraints, discuss the possibility of limiting the number of musicians to make it work. Most bands should be able to adjust the numbers without negatively affecting the music quality. Wiley Entertainment’s band None Other, for example, can range from a six to twelve piece band, depending on your needs and price range.
  • Pay a flat fee. When given the option to pay a flat fee or a fee plus expenses, for budgeting purposes we recommend you go with a flat fee. Although fee plus expenses could be lower than the flat fee, you run the risk of paying substantially more depending on how many expenses there are. With a flat fee there are no hidden costs and you will be able to incorporate it in your expense sheet and present it to your bosses easier because you know exactly how much it will be and you won’t run the risk of going over budget.