Find Your Company’s Perfect Fit Event Entertainment


There are plenty of entertainment options out there for you when it comes to planning your company’s event. However, just as a sweater is not ideal for all weather, one entertainment company may not be ideal for all events. Different entertainment companies have different styles, sound equipment, musicians, and song selections.

You should not just choose the first entertainment company you come across. It is important to speak with several different companies to ensure you can find the best one for you. Here are a few questions and things to consider when finding your company’s perfect fit event entertainment.

What kind of event are you throwing?

What is the purpose of your party? A party in memory of someone is greatly different than your company’s Christmas party. Not all music is suitable for every event. Using the example above, you are not going to sing “Silver Bells” at a memorium. Although this example is a bit extreme, the song selection the company can provide is vital. To start, make a list of a few songs or music styles you would like for your event. When meeting beforehand, these songs can be a guide to make sure your entertainment company knows what music you want.

Band or DJ?

Many entertainment companies offer both band and DJ services. Neither one is wrong, as there are many benefits to both. Live music brings an incredible energy to a room that few things can top. DJs tend to be more flexible in the moment with your song selection. At any time, they can find or download just about any song you want to hear. If you prefer the original version of a song, it is better to go with a DJ. However, a band can give a fresh and exciting version of a classic favorites.


Are you going for a theme?

Whether you have chosen a band or a DJ, consider how they are going to work into your theme. If you chose a band, but they will be unable to play songs relating to your theme, you may want to consider using a DJ instead. Speak with your company beforehand to ensure a complete understanding of the theme and the music you want. If your event is rock n’ roll themed, don’t hire a band that sounded good, but specializes in oldies. Good entertainment companies are versatile and can adjust their sets and personas based on your event.

How big is your event?

Finally, consider how big your event is in both attendance and venue space. The size of your event determines many things. An event of 100 people is significantly different than an event with 1,000 people. Likewise, a poolside event differs from an event in a ballroom. A ten person band could overwhelm a smaller event, whereas for a larger event, it is optimal. A DJ’s sound system with speakers that can fill the sound of an area works in the same way. Knowing the size of your event gives the entertainment company a better idea of the number of people they should bring as well as the proper sound equipment, making for a better evening for all parties involved.

With these steps, you will be able to find the perfect fit entertainment company for your event. Wiley Entertainment works with all clients to give them the event they dream of. Contact us today for your free consultation. Your event planning begins now!