Fun Wedding Music Ideas for Fun-Loving Couples


Planning an ordinary wedding reception is easy, but you need to get a little creative if you’re a couple who likes to have fun. The entertainment you choose for your reception can make it infinitely more exciting for both you and your guests. If you want to create that atmosphere of laughter and joy at your reception, take a look at these fun wedding music ideas.

wiley stage1. Hire a live band. Nothing gets a party started like live entertainment. Any wedding reception can hire a DJ, but fun-loving couples know the importance of booking musicians who know how to entertain. To create that fun reception you’re going for, give your reception a concert-like feel. Book high energy performers and give them a stage. Some live bands will even bring their own sound equipment for superb sound quality, along with wireless equipment that will allow them to walk through your reception and interact with you and your guests. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can still create that fun, party atmosphere with an experienced DJ, or a 6 piece band instead of a 12 piece.

2. Plan a surprise performance for your guests. A little bit of scheming can make a wedding reception a whole lot more fun. Choreograph a dance with your fiance that the two of you can perform at your reception when your guests least expect it. Your guests will enjoy it and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you pulled one over on them. It doesn’t have to be long either. A two minute dance will be remembered, and will be less stressful on you.

You may want to take some dance classes before your wedding to prepare, and you should let your band know well in advance so they can have the song prepared. Bonus: this will make for an awesome wedding video.

3. Serenade your sweetie. Want to surprise your husband/wife with a romantic gesture? Prepare a song to serenade them with during your reception. You can pick a song that means something to both of you, or you can even prepare a funny song. We know great relationships are all about honesty, but we think you can make an exception here. Let your band know about your surprise plans so you’ll have great music to back you up. It helps if you can actually sing, but if you can’t sing, make it sweet and funny!

4. Start a dance contest. If you want to get your guests up and moving, a dance contest is a fantastic way to do it. Go through some fun dance songs with your band or DJ, then come up with prizes and voting procedures. Your guests will love having the chance to be involved and you’re sure to get some great laughs.

5. Set the mood with cool lights. No one likes to dance in a stark-white room with bright fluorescents. If you and your guests want to enjoy the music and dancing at your reception, you should plan on creating the right lighting. This means you should light the stage where your performers will be set up, and you should light the room. Keep things dim, but add in some colorful lights for an extra fun feel. If you’ve booked your band through an entertainment company, they may even take of the lighting for you. A dance floor that is lit up is never good for guests. Many people, especially men, are self conscious about dancing, and a dark dance floor will make them much more comfortable. Add some moving lights to a dance floor and they will usually be even more comfortable and feel confident letting loose.

Receptions don’t have to be run of the mill. You can create a wedding reception that is perfectly and individually you. Contact Wiley Entertainment today and we can help you make it a smorgasbord of excitement with lights, quality sound equipment, and high energy performances.