How to Pick Perfect Bat Mitzvah Songs


Mazel Tov! It’s your big day! Time for you to celebrate your transition into a successful Jewish adult. Planning your bat mitzvah is a lot of work, and there will be several questions along the way. One big question will be if entertainment play a huge role in a bat mitzvah? Ask anyone who has recently planned or attended one, and the answer will most likely be yes.

A bat mitzvah reception is a party, and you want a Simcha (celebration) that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. Often, entertainment is what leaves this impression on guests. Skimping on entertainment could be detrimental to the success of this much awaited and sacred happening.

The challenge in planning a bat mitzvah is not finding entertainment, but choosing music that will appeal to everyone. Bat Mitzvahs have a crowd ranging from 13 year olds to grandparents. While the latest rap song may get the younger crowd going, the older crowd needs to be shown respect and given the music they like as well. While most entertainment companies have a selection of over 20,000 songs and know to play a variety of music, you ultimately have the final say in what music you want played. Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect bat mitzvah songs.

Honor Jewish Traditions

First and foremost, a bat mitzvah is a religious ceremony. It is a time to honor and reflect on the unique Jewish lifestyle. Therefore, at some point during your celebration, you should acknowledge this aspect. Traditional Jewish fanfares and folklores work great as guests arrive to the reception, playing in the background as the early festivities of the evening begin.

Get Dancing!

Once everyone has settled into the venue, you will begin to notice there are people there of all personalities at your bat mitzvah. You will have some who want to tear up the dance floor from the moment they arrive, and you will have some who are quite the opposite. There are several songs with dances that most people know that will get the latter up and moving. Line dances such as the “Cha Cha Slide” and “Cupid Shuffle” are crowd favorites that make it easy for dancers to know exactly what to do. Other favorites such as “I Gotta Felling” get everyone excited, as there are few people, if any, who don’t know these songs. They appeal to everyone and are a good way to get everyone up and moving.

Current Favorites

Now that everyone is dancing, it’s time to play some current hits! Tell your DJ some of your favorite songs you want to hear played at your bat mitzvah. This will get you and your friends even more hyped up during this amazing celebration. Do you and your friends have a song you like to sing together? There is nothing like screaming your favorite lyrics on the dance floor along with your closest friends! Make a list of your 10 current favorite songs. This is a good starting point to give your DJ an idea of what kind of music you enjoy.

Be Appropriate

While, these may be your favorite songs, remember, what the song means to you may not be what it means to everyone else. Like we said, there will be a wide variety of people in attendance at your bat mitzvah. Make sure that you closely examine the lyrics of any song you want played. If you wouldn’t say these lyrics to your parents or grandparents, you probably shouldn’t play these lyrics for them. Also, take into consideration the setting of which you are in. If your bat mitzvah reception is in a location related to the Jewish faith, make sure this music is appropriate for this religious setting.

Honor Your Elders

Just as a bat mitzvah is important to you, it is equally as important and sentimental to the older crowd, be it grandparents, aunts and uncles, or just respected elders. They will often feel incredibly emotional throughout the day, reflecting back on their younger days of having their own bat mitzvah. Make sure to acknowledge them at some point during your celebration. This is an appropriate time to play a traditional Jewish carol or anthem. Invite them out to the dance floor during this time to slow dance, even take the hand of someone yourself!

These are not the only ways to pick your perfect bat mitzvah songs, but it is a definite starting point. Contact Wiley Entertainment today to discuss the music selection for your bat mitzvah!