How to Pick the Perfect Music Theme for Your Work Parties


Before you decide on a music theme for your work party, you should consider what type of party you’ll be having. There are endless options for themed parties, but there are formal and informal parties as well. Once you know which type of party you’ll be having, you can use the tips below to decide on the perfect music theme for all of the work parties you plan.


Themed party: If you’re throwing a themed party, choosing your perfect music theme is pretty simple. The best place to start is to match your music theme to your party theme. So if you’re have a decade party for the 80’s, you could play music from Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and more. For Tropical themed or Hawaiian themed parties, you could include tropical tunes like Jimmy Buffet or Bob Marley. Once you make this match, you can select specific songs you definitely want played.

Formal Party: If your work party is more of a sit down dinner or ticketed fundraiser, you’re probably putting together a somewhat formal party. For these types of parties, you should consider what activities will be taking place and how your music theme can enhance them. If you are having a sit down dinner, you should play softer music that will allow your guests to talk amongst each other without straining to hear. The same rule of thumb goes for most black tie events. Instrumental Jazz music is usually a great choice.

Informal Party: These parties include things like company picnics, or any other informal company get together aimed at creating a closer-knit company culture. For this type of party, your music theme can be upbeat. It can also include multiple music styles that will appeal to all of your coworkers. Nothing helps a crowd open up like a high-energy band or live DJ. These performers will have all the guests at your company party having a blast and ready to have fun getting to know one another.

The music theme you select should match your party theme, but it should also match your company culture and be suited to the audience. You can select a theme on your own, or ask us for our take on how to select your party’s perfect music theme. We have years for experience playing corporate events and are prepared to help you make wonderful musical decisions for your next corporate event! Contact us today.