How to Pick Your Father Daughter Wedding Song


1400557_222053064585525_1547783522_oYour wedding is one of the most special nights of your life, filled with several sentimental moments that you will want to remember forever. Your ceremony features many of these moment, from walking down the aisle to your first introduction as a couple. In addition, the reception features many special moments as well. Your first dance and cutting of the cake are sure to put tears in your guests eyes, however, you’re really going to tug at their heart strings during the father daughter dance.

It is a beautiful moment, as all eyes and souls watch something they won’t forget anytime soon. Not only is it special to you, but all your wedding guests as well. Your father daughter song should be something everyone at the wedding will love, but most importantly, it should be a song that symbolizes the relationship between you and your dad. It is hard to go wrong with picking a song, however, here are a few tips on how to pick your father daughter wedding song.

1. A song that is special to you

Perhaps you have a song that means a lot to your family, or more specifically, a song that means a lot to your dad and you. This is ultimately what you’re going for. While you want guests to enjoy your reception as well, this special moment really is about the two of you. No matter the song, when guests see that you are enjoying yourself, they will enjoy themselves as well.

2. A song that reflects your personality

Don’t feel like you have to slow dance. If the song that best reflects you is country, rock n’ roll or pop, do it! Have a choreographed dance or just be energetic and fun! There are more ways to get at your guests emotions than just by making them cry. Making them laugh can make your dance just as memorable!

3. Songs about dads

If you’re having a hard time choosing just one song that is special to you, look at the context and lyrics of a few different ones. See if any of them have parts about dads or a father daughter relationship. Although not imperative to have these lyrics, it does add some cuteness, making your guests tear up or smile just a little more.

4. Songs about growing up

There are many steps into adulthood, but your wedding really is one of the biggest. Songs about growing up or moving on to the next stage of life are exceptionally emotional. Similar to songs about dads, lyrics about growing up can be found in many songs. This one is really for the brides hoping for not a dry eye in the house.

Although the final decision on what song to choose is between you and your dad, Wiley Entertainment is here to help, not just with your father daughter song, but all things wedding music related as well. Contact us today for your free consultation and to get started on the wedding of your dreams!