How to Spot Horrible Wedding Musicians


Couples who have the best weddings are the couples who put time and effort into making sure they do. Planning doesn’t mean using a search engine and clicking on all your first links and booking them. Planning means doing research and finding what’s right for you and your guests, as well as spotting the vendors, venues, and musicians to avoid.

A bad caterer is easy to spot. Their food samples may taste like cafeteria food or their prices may seem outrageous for a small selection they are providing. Additionally, it’s easy to spot if a venue is wrong for you. From the atmosphere, the decor, and the layout, just because it’s a wedding venue doesn’t mean it is perfect for all weddings.

As for horrible musicians, we all know one when we see one. However, most of the time we notice this while we are watching them play. You don’t want this to become noticeable AT your wedding. A bad wedding band can drastically ruin your reception. If guests don’t like the food, they don’t have to eat it, but it’s near impossible to drown out deafening sounds that sound like a high school battle of the bands. To avoid having your guests run around all evening with their hands covering their ears, here are a few ways to spot horrible wedding musicians beforehand.

482609_201122320011933_341119701_nNever book your wedding band without speaking directly with the band. A lot of bands have booking managers or agents, however, they are not the ones who are going to be playing at your wedding. Talking to the band does not mean just filling out a form online and receiving an email confirmation back asking for your credit card information. You want a band that prioritizes you, and if they are not willing to speak with you, they are not prioritizing you.

When speaking with the band, there are several questions you should ask. First, talk about the song selection you would like at your wedding. If they aren’t familiar with your songs or offer a song selection of their own instead of working with you, say no. Good wedding bands are versatile and can adapt their to style to the songs and wedding atmosphere you want. Ask about the experience the band has, notable events they have played, and their rehearsal schedule. If a band does not have many reviews on a reputable wedding site (like you should look elsewhere. A band that performs all week long may be ‘burnt out’ at your wedding, whereas a band that plays too little will sound amatuer.

You wouldn’t hire a caterer without sampling their food, so you wouldn’t hire a wedding band without a sample of their music. Good wedding musicians have demo reels and recordings to show you without you having to ask for them. Do not just take their word that they are a great band. Most band websites refer to themselves as ‘The best you can find’. They can’t all be telling the truth. Talented bands have nothing to hide, horrible musicians do. If they aren’t willing to give you lots of live video footage, once again, it’s time to move on.

Don’t wait until your wedding day to spot a horrible musician. Using these tips, doing so beforehand can save your reception. Contact Wiley Entertainment today for a free consultation and to discuss what we can do to give you the best wedding music possible.