Mistakes to Avoid for Your Wedding Recessional Music


After your wedding ceremony, there is much celebrating to be done. You’ve been working on piecing together the perfect reception. The banquet hall is all made up, the food from the caterers rivals the finest cuisine, and you and your guests are ready to dance the night away. However, there is a moment of celebration before your reception which is not to be overlooked: the recessional.

The recessional is the climax of your ceremony. It celebrates your new commitment as a married couple. It takes place immediately after the new couple is introduced. As a couple, you need to choose your recessional music. After all, you are celebrating, so you do not want it just to be silent. You have the power to choose what kind of recessional music you want. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding recessional music.

Mistakes To AvoidThis is a celebration, so make it one!

You can choose whether you want your wedding music to be traditional or contemporary. Recessionals are often a triumphant fanfare, however, this does not mean you have to use a traditional fanfare. If you have a contemporary song you want to use as your recessional music, then go for it! Just remember, pick a song that makes your guests want to stand up and cheer. You want to create that “just married” mood. The recessional is often the bridge between the ceremony and the reception. This is a party, so don’t pick a song that makes your guests feel like they are at a funeral.

Don’t make it a deafening celebration

Your music should be celebratory, but there is a difference between celebratory and deafening. No matter the song, if your music shatters your guests eardrums, no one is going to be celebrating. At your rehearsal, make sure you test the volume of the music, and also the acoustics of the venue you are getting married in.

Speaking of venue, is your song appropriate?

If you are getting married in a church and going with contemporary music, make sure you know exactly what that song is conveying. Just because you are in a church does not mean your music has to be religious, but it should be respectful of religious views. Also, make sure your song will have an appeal to your guests. It may be a special song to you, but if your guests are going to be shaking their head wondering why you used it, it could be awkward.

Your recessional is the time for guests to celebrate and acknowledge your new marriage. Avoid these mistakes to ensure that is exactly what happens. Contact Wiley Entertainment with any questions about wedding music or for more information about how to make us a part of your big day.