Music Considerations for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception


Planning an outdoor wedding reception has its fair share of challenges. There are things you can’t always account for–the weather being a big one. But you can plan out your outdoor wedding reception music so that your entertainment will go smoothly. Choosing the right music for your outdoor reception will help set the right mood and get people dancing. And as the venues for an outdoor wedding reception can be nearly as varied as indoor weddings, it’s important to keep the setting in mind when choosing music.

1502451_224310691026429_839614039_o1Picking your instruments and musicians

As you plan out your dream reception, you’ll need to think about the musicians you’ll use to usher in this exciting moment. The acoustics for outdoor venues are different than indoor venues. There’s often outside noise, and the lack of walls and ceilings for the sound to bounce off of can create sound problems.

This means that some instruments just don’t make sense for outdoor venues. These include traditional pianos, due to their size, and harps, as the sound tends to travel up rather than out toward your audience.

As you consider instruments and musicians for your venue, you need to think about how well the music will travel. Live bands and DJs are a great option in terms of audibility. Electronic instruments are much more easily heard, and you can find DJs and bands who will bring their own audio equipment to compensate for the openness of the space. Acoustic guitars that are plugged into a sound system is easy to move, easy to hear, and fits well with the vibe of an outdoor wedding.

Your music selection

Music selection comes into play with the planning of any reception, but when you’re hosting an outdoor wedding reception, your music can pack an even bigger impact. Some songs just sound better in the open air.

You can consult with the band or DJ you hire to help you select the best songs. But if you want to do some of the work on your own time, pull together some of the songs you enjoy and listen to them in your car with the windows down. You might be surprised to find a few new favorites.

Your location and personal musical preferences will likely also play a role in the song selection for your reception. If your reception is in an open field or near a barn, country and folk music can make a great addition to the atmosphere. A beach wedding is also well suited for reggae, soft acoustic, and other styles.

Audio equipment

Remember how sound carries. That catchy dance tune that will get your guests on their feet will sound very different from half a block away, where it might just be a thudding bass line. So if you have a large audience or a large outdoor venue, you may need to have some extra audio equipment on hand.

The band or DJ you select should also come prepared with enough microphones for the event. This will allow your guests to enjoy the music too, rather than just watching a performance with no sound. Wireless microphones are essential for officiants and readers to use. Having a wireless lapel microphone for the officiant and a handheld microphone on a stand for a reader is a good idea if your guests are more than 50 people.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception and need top of the line performers and audio equipment, contact Wiley Entertainment today.