Options for Wedding DJ Costs


After a beautiful ceremony, you want a reception that is equally as incredible. The best way to keep the energy of your reception high is with an amazing wedding DJ. The ideal wedding DJ goes above and beyond to ensure you have the reception of your dreams.

Here is some information that is most likely nothing new to you: DJs cost money. DJs typically charge per hour or set a flat rate. This depends on how long they are going to be there and your reception needs. No matter the wedding DJ cost you are paying for, there are a few things you should look for in every DJ.

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First and foremost, every DJ, regardless of cost, should act in a professional manner. This is your special night and DJs need to put you first. You are paying for great music AND someone who will respect you and your guests. If you get selfish, creepy, or bad vibes from a first meeting with a DJ, they most likely are not meant for you. Every DJ should hold a pre-planning consultation, where together you establish a plan and give them important information, such as how many people will be in attendance, the venue, and type of music you want. Also establish the type of professional attire you would like them to wear. If you are having a beach wedding, they will need to dress more casual than a reception in a ballroom.

Your DJ should have a large selection of songs. A typical repertoire for a wedding DJs includes over 20,000 songs for you to choose from. Additionally, your DJ should have top notch sound equipment. If the speakers are old or cheap, it is going to affect the dance floor. A typical DJ system must include at least one 1,000 watt sub speaker and an additional 2,000 watts for main speakers in stereo. This is a good rule for weddings of 50-250 people. High energy and non-stop music are also necessary. A DJ must know how to match-beat and tempo shift, which all professional DJs are able to do. If your DJ is unfamiliar with these terms, you might be better off plugging in an iPod in for the evening.

DJ pricing should include sound and lighting systems. You will definitely appreciate some moving LED lights on the dance floor when the partying begins. Many pro DJs offer exciting luxuries like advanced laser light systems and modern dance floor lightings. Uplighting has become very popular as well, but now most venues, florists and planners offer this option at a reasonable cost.

No matter the cost, DJs should work hard to ensure you have the night you desire. The night should be a reflection of you while including your friends and family’s favorite songs. Make sure your DJ outlines just exactly how much you will be paying and what you will be paying for. At Wiley Entertainment, we work closely to customize packages that perfectly match your vision with our style of performance. Contact us today for a wedding DJ consultation.