Songs to Avoid at Your Corporate Event


We’ve all been to a party before where the music is playing and everyone is dancing and having a great time! You’ve got your hands in the air and your hips are shaking. Until that one song comes on. The song that nobody can stand. The song that just seems to go on….and on….and on. You all awkwardly stare around the room at each other, pretending to still be having fun, when in actuality, this song has completely killed the mood.

Now imagine this being your own corporate event, with everyone looking miserable at your party. Not the best feeling in the world. You, most likely, have a short list of songs you do not care for, and it is important you tell your DJ not to play those songs. However, there are some guidelines we recommend following when thinking of songs to avoid at your corporate party.

Corporate PicSongs that never end

If you are going through a playlist and find a song that is more than five minutes long, it is best to avoid it. Long songs leave those on the dance floor feeling bored and wondering when it will end. In the process of wondering, they often leave the dance floor and go elsewhere. Nothing kills a party like a dance floor evacuation. A simple rule: if the DJ plays a chorus more than three times, it needs to end. A seasoned DJ or band knows how to shorten songs and mix right into another.

Songs about breakups

Everyone has life mishaps. Some of these happen to be breakups. Let’s not remind party guests about what they may have been through. A song about a breakup can ruin a person’s night. If it talks about a relationship ending, put it in the “no play” pile along with the songs that never end.

Songs associated with sad things

Some songs are pretty, but unfortunately are associated with very upsetting, sad things. Take for instance “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin. That is a very pretty song, with a beautiful message. However, no one is going to hear that song without thinking of that incredibly sad puppy commercial. Your dance floor will need tissues immediately. Avoid this song, or else everyone is going to leave the dance floor on the way to adopt a pet.

Songs that may make your grandparents blush

A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say the lyrics to your grandparents, it is probably best that you don’t play these lyrics for your guests. This is a professional celebration. Sure your friends and co workers will be there, and sure you want to have a good time, but if profanity is going to be dropped every fifth word, leave it out. If there is a great song with profanity, let the DJ or band know you expect the clean version.

Songs that are not good under current circumstances

Maybe there is a pop star who is undergoing some certain problems right now, or there are some unfortunate events going on in the world and a certain song may be associated with it. To avoid making anyone mad or uncomfortable, make sure any song you choose could not offend someone. This is often referred to as “the wrong song in the wrong place.”

Songs that will give you a headache

You know those songs that sound like a Transformer movie fight scene? If you can’t make out what sounds are being made, much less lyrics, and it just sounds like growling and a pounding base, nobody at your party is going to want to listen to that. If listening to a song makes your head feel like a root canal, don’t even bother trying to play it.

These are a few general guidelines for knowing what songs to avoid. As for knowing what songs guests want to hear, contact Wiley Entertainment today to talk about music for your corporate event!