The Wedding Day Songs You Forgot to Think About


When choosing your wedding music, it can be very easy to overlook different parts of your reception. It’s likely that almost immediately you will think of your introduction as a couple song and first dance song, however, that is not the only part to your reception, and music is just as important in these other parts as well. You don’t want to forget to pick out your music and just have any song playing. Your music selection sets the tone for these parts of the wedding. As a couple, it’s your responsibility to set this tone. Here are a few wedding day songs you forget to think about.

Cake Cutting

Your reception has several chances for you as a couple to show your personality, and the cutting of the cake is one of the best times to do this. Your personality will be reflected through your music choice. There is no wrong direction to go in. When choosing your music, think about your plans for the cake cutting. Are you going to elegantly place it in each other’s mouths or are you going to smash it on their nose? Depending on what you are going for, your song can be simple and sweet or playful and funny. Songs can range from Sinatra’s ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ to Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me.’

Anniversary Dance

The anniversary dance is an opportunity to get all the married couples on the dance floor at least once. The MC slowly dwindles the couples down until the couple remaining is the one who has been married the longest. They can either give the newlywed couple a word of advice, or the bride can give the winning wife the bouquet if she is not tossing it. A slow romantic song that lasts at least four minutes is great for this dance.

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Bouquet Toss

The bouquet toss is the time to get all the ladies out on the floor, and your music selection needs to call them out. Ultimately, the bouquet toss music is the bride’s choice, as this is her time to let her personality shine. While there are several great female anthems, it’s always great if you can think of a curveball to throw at them. We suggest songs ranging from ‘Single Ladies’ to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’

Garter Toss

Contrary to the bouquet toss, the garter toss is the time for the groom to show off his personality. Typically one of the naughtier parts of the reception, it is a moment with a lot of excitement and laughs in a short period of time, and the groom needs to choose music to match that. This is not something to take too seriously. Have a little fun and get a little sexy! Just remember not to act or pick a song that is too risque. Chances are there will be a few older guests at your wedding who aren’t quite ready to see that. Anything from ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ to ‘Mission Impossible Theme Song’ works well for the removal. For tossing the garter, many songs work that range from LMFAO ‘Sexy and I Know It’ to The Village People’s “Macho Man.’

Last Dance

If wedding guests remember nothing else, they often remember the last thing to happen. You don’t want your party to end abruptly, feeling like you’re kicking your guests out. Save the best for last! Your last dance can range from a classic anthem to something beautiful and simplistic. Songs about eternal love, going home together, and best friends make for the best last dance songs. Great songs are Journey ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Bon Jovi ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ or Gun N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ can work great. Love songs can also work, but they tend to end the night on a somber note.

Remember these parts of your wedding when choosing your music is just as important as anything else! For any questions or help developing your wedding playlist, contact us at Wiley Entertainment today for your free consultation. We can’t wait to be a part of your big day!

Photo Credit: Ryan Joseph