Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music: Rules You Can Break


There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, music sets a mood. Most traditional wedding ceremony music is soft and reverent. But if you want to create a different atmosphere for your wedding that speaks more to you as a couple, you may want to forgo the traditional route. Here are a few rules you can break to make your ceremony more intimate and unique to you as a couple:

Prelude- This music is played before your ceremony starts, as guests begin to file in. Traditionally, wedding prelude music is classical, but that doesn’t mean yours needs to be! You can choose a theme that you both like. Remember, the songs you play will set the tone for your ceremony. If you play sweet, romantic songs, your wedding ceremony will come across that way. If you’re having some kind of themed wedding, this is also the perfect time to play music surrounding that theme, whether it be beach songs or 20s era tunes. Most ceremony musicians will not learn multiple songs, but giving them a feel for the mood you’d like can be a big help to the musician.

mistakes to avoidProcessional & bride’s entrance- In most ceremonies, these ceremony moments have the same,standard songs. The wedding procession will usually walk in to “March” from Occasional Oratorio and maybe the bride will walk down the aisle to “Canon in D” (J. Pachelbel). But don’t feel trapped in these choices.

You can still make this moment special by selecting songs that you love. If you want to keep things somewhat formal but still want to add your own twist, pick one of your favorite love songs and have a musician play an acoustic cover or keyboard version. If the song has lyrics, consider taking them out so the attention stays on the ceremony (and the couple). Bruno Mars, “Marry You” can be played beautifully this way.
Recessional music usually sounds joyous–and very formal. But this point in your ceremony is all about celebrating! You’ve been announced as husband and wife and now the real fun begins. If you want to celebrate this moment with everything you’ve got, don’t be scared to mix things up a bit!

It’s okay to play music that’s unexpected, so long as it’s adding to your experience–and at the end of the day, your experience is the most important one. Think about songs that make you happy and put you in the mood to celebrate. These songs will usher your guests into your cocktail hour or reception, so have fun with them.

Traditional wedding ceremony music has it’s place, but if you’re not a traditional kind of couple, you may be looking for something different. These ceremony music ideas should help you plan it all out. For more tips to make your ceremony music more personalized to you, contact Wiley Entertainment today.