Wedding Color Palette and Other Tough Wedding Decisions


Now that you’re engaged, you’ll face all sorts of wedding planning challenges from picking the perfect wedding date to choosing a theme or wedding color palette to deciding between a live band or a DJ. Here are some tips to make those choices easier.

wedding-color-paletteChoosing Your Wedding Date

Take certain things into consideration when selecting the date. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding, select a date with good weather for that region, but remember those are peak months and will cost more. If you prefer a winter wedding, complete with dancing nutcrackers, be careful to select a date that avoids major holidays. This will help prevent conflicting schedules so that all of the guests you invite will be more likely to be able to attend. Also, decide if significant dates matter to you–like the date you met in college 5 or 10 years ago, or your grandparents anniversary. Picking one of these dates will make your wedding day all the more sentimental.

Selecting a Wedding Color Palette

You use your wedding color palette in so many aspects of the wedding from the bridesmaid dresses to the decorations so pick complimentary colors. Know what colors you like but also pay attention to your venues. If the reception has gold or neutral tones, you can accent it with reds or pinks, which also work well if you’re doing an outdoor garden wedding. If you’re doing a beach wedding, think of light blues or beiges. Remember to pair vibrant colors together or pastels together or pair either with a neutral, such as Radiant Orchard with Silver. Whichever colors you choose, make sure you’re happy with them! Photos last forever.

Deciding on a Wedding Theme

Discuss how formal a theme you want. Do you just an overall romantic feel, with red roses, flowing dresses, fine champagne, and chocolate monogrammed hearts as favors? Or do you want a rustic wedding in a barn with twinkling lights, burlap, and cowboy boots? Maybe you’ve dreamed of getting married on the beach and incorporating the theme at the reception with decorative sand pails full of candles or plants and sprinkling shells on each table. This is your chance to make your wedding dreams come to life. Just remember to take both of your opinions into account so that everyone is happy on the big day.

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

When selecting your ceremony site and reception site, you need to consider many points. If you wish to get married in the traditional church, keep in mind that you may have to adhere to specific guidelines with your gown or music. Think about how many guests are on your list and if any of them have any special needs. If you got married in a gazebo by the water that’s a mile from the parking lot, would your grandparents be able to manage all right? There are of course ways around all of these obstacles if the venue you find is one you can’t pass up. Check to see if the site provides golf carts to make it easier who have difficulty with the long hike. Selecting a reception site is often easier. Choose one that is near the ceremony, and discuss any specifics you may have for food or entertainment.

Deciding between a Band or a DJ

Engaging wedding entertainment can make your wedding a night to remember. Can’t decide between a band or a DJ? Cost, song selection, and venue size may all be a deciding factor. You should keep in mind that live bands often offer a larger presence that will get your guests up on their feet and dancing the night away. There’s also the option to have both–the band can be there to provide upbeat music and interact with your guests, and you can invite a DJ to play hits when the band needs a break, during cocktail hour, or for an after party.

DJ’s have an unlimited repertoire of the latest hits and if you want to hear your first dance song by the original artist, you may be better choosing a DJ.

There are many steps to planning the perfect wedding day, and we’d love to provide the wedding entertainment, whether you decide on a live band or DJ. Please call us to find out more or to see us live and in action before you book!