Will Your Wedding Reception Music Put Your Guests to Sleep?


Will your wedding reception be a hit or a miss? It all comes down to your music. The right wedding reception music can bring energy and life to your event, but the wrong music could bore your guests to tears–and the last thing you want is for your guests to be dozing off in their chairs. To make sure all of your guests to have an amazing time, you’ll need to be careful how you select the songs and genres you play. This is where the right DJ or live wedding band can really make a difference.

Your wedding reception music will probably put your guests to sleep if …

…you choose songs that all have the same slow tempo.

  • Having song after song play with no variety in pace eventually gets dull. This is especially true if you decide to play all slow songs. Remember that teacher you had in high school who went on and on in that same, flat, monotone voice? You don’t want your song set to sound like that. To prevent this, make sure you hire a professional, experienced DJ or live wedding band that will know how and when to spice things up with a little variety.

…you select songs no one knows.


  • People are often more comfortable dancing and having fun when they’re surrounded by familiar music. If you have an eclectic taste in music that you don’t think your guests will necessarily share, maybe pick a few unknown songs but keep the popular favorites so your guests feel included and can have a blast too.

…you take all your songs from the same genre.

  • >Usually at weddings, you have multiple generations in a room. That means that there will likely be certain genres and decade music that some of your guests will expect, and other music some will be a little thrown off by. You can make all of your guests happy and get them out of their chairs by adding some variety to the genres you select so that there will be something for everyone.

…you time your music wrong.

  • At wedding receptions, timing is everything. If your DJ plays slow music right at the highest energy point of the evening, it could ruin the mood. Likewise, if you start off immediately with all upbeat dance songs, the crowd could become tired earlier than you were hoping. Generally, you want to start with slow music during dinner and eventually build up to the upbeat songs when the party really gets going. Much of the timing of your music will be determined by your DJ or live wedding band, so make sure you choose one with tons of experience playing at wedding receptions.

The music that’s played at your wedding reception could really make or break your special day. If you want all of your guests to have the time of their lives, you need to take all their personal preferences into account and play each of your songs at the right moment. This of course, is easier said than done. You can take the stress out of selecting the perfect music for your wedding reception by finding an experienced DJ or live wedding band. These professionals will be able to select and play wedding reception music that will make both you and your guests happy.