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3 Questions Some Wedding Bands Don’t Want You to Ask

1. Are the band members in the promo video and pictures going to be at your wedding?

There are many similarities between bands and sports teams. It takes lots of teamwork and chemistry to make a team exceptional. Your wedding is your ‘World Series’. If a baseball team has nine players on the field and only four of them show up to the World Series, and the coach simply picks five more people to make it look like a ‘real’ team, they will not win the game. If you hire a band and half of the members are different from the video, you are not getting the band you paid for. Many bandleaders will hire the cheapest musicians they can find so they make more profit, offering you a band that doesn’t exist. Some bands and agencies do not want this secret known. You want a great band, not a great sales pitch.

2. Does the band know the music, or do they read music and lyrics on stage?

You want an energetic band at your wedding, not karaoke singers and readers. Bands that read music and lyrics from the stage do not know the music. Imagine watching your favorite TV show and seeing the actors reading off an iPad or script. They won’t be winning any Emmys. Hire a band that KNOWS the music and is able to perform it for you from the heart, not from the stand in front of them. Bands that do not know the music will not give you and your guests the entertainment and show from the stage you deserve.

3. Will the band bring proper sound and lighting?

If you go to a concert, you expect to see cool lighting and hear the band clearly. Wedding bands should give you and your family and friends the same experience. This is your big day, not a bar gig. Bands should be expected to bring in a powerful sound system (at least 4,000 watts for 150 people). This is for a FULL sound, not an ear piercing one. A band should also bring at least a dozen multi-colored lights for the stage and dance floor area. This makes a world of difference. You will see the dance floor go from 20 dancers to 150 with fun lighting.

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